We transfer your designs and place them exactly where you want them to be - on quality advertising and fashion products.
Hustler is a specialized service for creating and executing custom designs on clothing and accessories.

We created Hustler to enable everyone, regardless of their design skills, to recreate their views in an author's product. .
Whether it's pillows, a towel or a whole limited series of swimwear, with personalized printing and transfer technologies, your designs transfer seamlessly to almost any fabric. This is the real change for the fashion and design industry, now available to you.

Hustler's mission is to facilitate creativity by connecting people who make, buy and sell. As a private company we create and
we improve every product and detail in order to achieve the highest quality results. Our clients are both small, medium and large
companies and individuals. Our goal is to provide our customers with direct and optimal services in the field of direct, sublimation and transfer printing.

Our team consists of a group of professionals with many years of experience in the printing and printing industry. Working together with a common goal gives us
opportunity to provide our customers with the highest quality and service.

We believe in building partnerships with our clients to help them achieve the best possible results.


Be a Hustler! In general, being perceived as a "Hustler" has been interpreted as negative in the past. Lately, however, being seen as a "Hustler" by others is not only a compliment, but also a necessity to succeed. Globally, the economic landscape has changed dramatically. This may be largely due to the emergence of technologies, new tools and platforms that can be used to connect with others.

At the beginning of this millennium, an entrepreneur's ability to reach out and connect with senior company executives to promote products or partnerships was severely limited. This is no longer a problem, within 15 minutes an entrepreneur can reach out and connect with a large number of production leaders and experts at the touch of a button. The old adage "it doesn't matter what you know, it matters who you know" has never been more true than it is now, especially in business. In the early stages of a new endeavor, being able to fight and achieve at all costs is essential for success: from understanding how best to connect with those who are important to your business, to achieving lasting and stable success, swinging between extremes to be stubborn and at the same time annoying. Hasling in business is not just a skill, but an art. It takes time to work out and improve, but once mastered, it is a powerful tool in the arsenal of the entrepreneur. As well as being able to overcome past failures and competition, Hustler is not only the one who finishes things off, but also makes them happen, and for an entrepreneur, the latter is a key to progress.

"The two most important requirements for great success are: first, to be in the right place at the right time, and second, to do something about it." - Ray Croc

A great example of Hustler is the late Ray Croc, although he is not the founder of McDonald's, he is the man who turned him into a monstrous company for billions of dollars, as he is today. When he was a milkshake salesman, Kroc came across McDonald's as a potential customer, but he set out with a vision of how to make it a great thing.

Although he is perceived as a villain because of the hostile takeover of McDonald's, his constant diligence and perseverance cannot be denied. From a purely business point of view, Croc is the single greatest thing that happens to this company, transforming it from a lone burgers shop in San Bernardino, California, to a global franchise that grows through hard and continuous work and innovation. of the most successful real estate companies to date. He achieves this by hiring tireless and enterprising employees, does not accept the status quo and sees refusal as an obstacle and not as something insurmountable.

The importance of being persistent cannot be underestimated. New York - the place where this quality has developed, is also the place where it is best seen in everyday life. Not only entrepreneurs, but everyone else - from lawyers to artists, understand and appreciate how crucial this is. Whether it's a business connection event or you happen to be approaching a street vendor, Hustler has certain key features:

  1. Invincible work ethic;
  2. Immunity to refusal;
  3. An innovative technique to be noticed.

This last feature leads us to what I mentioned earlier, that "it is not what you know that matters, but who you know." The power of perseverance, especially when making connections is incomparable to anything else, applies in full force to New York. In a city of 8,5 million people, time is of the essence. The ability to value the other's time is invaluable, the art of achieving what you want at any cost is based on being able to gain attention and influence, and the key to achieving that is by providing value. Value is what keeps others interested and is paramount to maintaining a successful relationship. Linking this concept back to entrepreneurship confirms what benefits can be provided and how to achieve this in a way that not only benefits the customer but also puts them in a favorable position, which is typical of Hustler. In the business world, being a Hustler is already an industry standard. If you are not persistent, it does not mean that you will fail, but most likely you will not become better than others. "Success" can be highly subjective, and therefore the achievement of the goal is perceived in different extremes, what one will call ambition, another will call greed. The ambition to be better than others and the motivation to invest in your work and to introduce the necessary innovation to stand out is what separates an entrepreneur who struggles to succeed at all costs from the ordinary one. This is how the business landscape has developed, and this is how those who do business must continue to reach the next level. Be a Hustler.